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Frightmare is Northern Nevada’s Largest Haunted event. Conceived by two of the most recognized names in the industry, Frightmare has entertained more than 100,000 guests here in the Reno, Sparks area.



Haunted Houses:

One House Only... $15


Maze and Black Hole:

Visit these two attractions for just $10


Get Both Haunted Houses, The Maze, and The Black Hole for just $20


Upgrade to VIP event tickets, and skip the lines for all four events, for just $25


(This event is not recommended for children under 8 years of age)


Watch Frightmare Live!

Tune in while Frightmare is open to watch live.

Online Tickets



Evil Clown Town:

See objects in 3-D as you walk through this 3200 square foot haunted house. Something has gone dreadfully wrong! These clowns are freaks of nature and some say the nastiest mean of the mean! These clowns won't make you laugh. You will scream and maybe cry as you try to find your way out! You just may change your feelings about clowns forever.



All New!
Zombie Farm House:

The family that lived in this house disappeared in 1952. Some believe the theory that the parents and children who disappeared can sometimes be seen and heard. Now ghosts lurk, and are often seen. Others believe that Zombies were responsible for disposing of the family, and now live in the old farm house. Enter if you dare, but be prepared. You won't ever forget the night you entered the Zombie Farm House!



Black Hole: A favorite among guests. As you enter the Black Hole your world will begin to turn... or does it?



Frightmare Maze: This is an all new attraction this year!